Morning Window Views: ‘Eyes will be cleaned from the Sunlight’

I wake up early in the Morning at 6. Am and Go and open the Window But nothing is outside when I saw through the window.

I am waiting for Sunlight in the east, past an off hour the Sun raises slowly…

Eagerly, I am looking Sunlight and observing like that without closed my eyes for few mints. I think, The Sunlight is getting much power slowly… Pass the One hour, But I can’t see the sunlight properly; I think the time was at 7.30 Am so…Nobody can see sunlight at 7.30 Am Onwards until by 5.00 Pm in the evening. I thought, I am afriding for gone my eyes at that time.

20180110_070714_HDRBut I am very confident. No…No… My eyes were not gone, yes… I am believing if we pray to God never loss everything else. Than closed my eyes immediately at that time.  After 10 mints open my eyes slowly. Now I can see everything. I am so happy at that time.

Well… I notified from sunlight in the Morning. I think, Everybody Can see the Sunlight by 6.30 Am to 7.30 Am only.

Note:  If Anybody can see the Sunlight in the Morning, All Their eyes will be cleaned and freshness.



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